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Dan Severn was the runner up in UFC 4, losing to Royce Gracie via triangle choke. He went on to become the UFC 5 tournament winner & the Ultimate Ultimate 1995 tournament winner, defeating Paul Varelans, 'Tank' Abbott & Oleg Taktarov in the same night. These victories earned him his place in a Superfight against then current UFC Champion, Ken Shamrock. Severn defeated Shamrock via split decision.

Severn is one of only ten fighters in the UFC Hall of Fame. He is the owner of one of the highest winning percentages in cage fighting history & he is one of only three fighters with more than one hundred victories. Further, he is probably the only professional heavyweight that can claim lifetime chemical free status, making his career all the more extraordinary!

Dan Severn Seminar

Date:Saturday 13th of December, 2014

Venue:MMA 24/7
107 Burswood Rd, Burswood

Dress code:No-Gi

Time:2 PM - 5 PM